The higher education system in France offers excellent programs across all disciplines and study levels. It has 3,500 plus higher education institutions with a diverse range of subjects. These include colleges teaching Engineering, Business Management, Tourism and Social Work, Culinary Arts and Hotel Management.

  • Universities in France provide quality higher education tailored for the needs of the students and offer exceptional R&D opportunities
  • France has an ambience favorable for young Entrepreneurs and innovation
  • Outstanding career prospects with options for Post Study Visa
  • The Top 20 Universities in France are ranked and recognized by QS in the global top 500 list
  • The Government of France subsidizes a vast share of the actual tuition costs and thus Tuition fees are low at Public Universities
  • An analogous Grandes Ecoles system that is on par with a Masters degree

The average tuition fees for overseas students will depend on the University or College in France that they have selected. It will also vary depending on your course and nationality – EU or non-EU.

Study Program Average Tuition Fees in €
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree € 2,770 – € 10,000 yearly
Postgraduate Master’s Degree € 3,770 – € 10,000 yearly

The application deadlines for Universities in France are diverse. Nevertheless, the two major intakes are:

Intake 1: Summer Semester – It commences in October and is the major intake

Intake 2: Winter Semester – It commences in April and is available only for selected courses


Student Applicant:

  • You must be over 18 years of age;
  • For a training course not exceeding three months, you will be issued a short-stay visa;
  • For a training course exceeding three months or six months, you will be issued a temporary long-stay visa, which will require no further formalities on your arrival in France;
  • For training or a course exceeding six months, you will be issued a long-stay visa, equivalent to a residence permit, which will be subject to further formalities on your arrival in France.
    Spouse: The dependent will get a visitor’s visa and will not be authorized to work either. They might be authorized to work in the country if their partner/spouse is employed in France.


  • Visa application form for France Study Visa
  • Age over 18 years
  • 2 passport size photos
  • A valid passport and copies of your previous Visas if any
  • Official Letter of Acceptance/Enrolment from the University in France
  • Evidence of monetary means for covering all expenses during the period of study
  • Air flight reservation/ticket with the date of departure
  • Medical insurance that can cost around € 311 – € 714 yearly
  • Documents that state the arrangement for accommodation during your studies
  • If you have enrolled in a course taught in French, you will need proficiency certificate for the French language
  • Evidence of payment of Visa fees
  • If applicable, proof of civil status
  • Upon completing the studies in France, Bachelor degree holders can stay in France only if they have a work permit; the students pursuing Masters from France can apply and get a temporary residence permit – APS (Autorisation Provisioire de Séjour), for a period of 24 months.
  • Students can get a 2 years extended Schengen visa if they hold a masters or PhD or post-graduate degree from a French institution.
  • If a student is able to find an employment that is with more than 1.5 times of the minimum wage guarantee, s/he is eligible to apply for a Work Permit which is the primary requirement to get a European Union Blue Card (Permanent Residence).